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HCA-806A Multi Channel Amplifier
HCA-2205A Multi Channel Amplifier
HCA-2003A Multi Channel Amplifier
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PAL-80 Precision Architectural Loudspeaker
PAL-280 Precision Architectural Loudspeaker
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PAL-65 Precision Architectural Loudspeaker
PAL-265 Precision Architectural Loudspeaker
PAL-245 Precision Architectural Loudspeaker
PAL-45 Precision Architectural Loudspeaker
CST-280 Contractor Series In-ceiling Speaker
CST-265A Contractor Series In-ceiling Speaker
CST-255A Contractor Series In-ceiling Speaker
CST-80 Contractor Series In-ceiling Speaker
CST-65R Contractor Series In-ceiling Speaker
CSS-260 Custom Series In-ceiling Speaker
CSS-250 Custom Series In-ceiling Speaker
CSS-60R Custom Series In-ceiling Speaker
C-65 In-ceiling Speaker
C-65 v.2 In-ceiling Speaker
C-70 In-ceiling Speaker
C-85 In-ceiling Speaker
C-85 v.2 In-ceiling Speaker
C-260 In-wall Speaker
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CSW-1002 In-wall Subwoofer
C-1002 In-wall Subwoofer
CX-1002 Passive Stereo Crossover
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REQ-150 Zone Equalizer
TDQ-1600 Reference Tuner
TDQ-150 Zone Tuner
Ztuner v.2
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P 3 Preamplifier
Model 5250 v.2 5-channel Poweramp
HCA-1201A Mono Amplifier
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Measuring only 3 1/2" high, its elegant and sleek exterior belies its powerful and musical interior. Like all our amps, it's direct coupled for the cleanest possible sound. It's an ideal main, remote, surround channel, or auxiliary amplifier that delivers a respectable 75 watts on each of its two channels. Also features convenient automatic turn-on.




Which set of jacks do I use to connect my preamp to my amp?

Although it looks like there are two sets of inputs on our stereo amplifiers, there is actually only one set. They are labeled INPUTS. The other set of connectors are labeled LOOPING OUTPUTS. These would be used to send the stereo signal on to another amplifier. Daisy chain several amps to run multiple pairs of speakers. Do not use the LOOPING OUTPUTS as an input.

What would sound better in my audiophile system? Two HCA-1000As in mono or one HCA-1500A in stereo?

The HCA-1500A run in stereo should sound better since it has MOSFETs in the driver stage. Better parts, smoother sound, more detail, etc.

Where should I set the volume controls on the back of my amp?

Under normal conditions you should turn them all the way to allow full power output from your amp. However, if you need to match the volume output of one of our stereo amps with another brand (BiAmping) you could adjust them accordingly.

Will these amps handle a four ohm speaker while the two channels are bridged to MONO?

No. Remember amps bridged to mono will "see" half the impedance the speaker is actually presenting. Sustained 2 Ohm loads are not advisable with any Parasound amplifier.

How many pairs of speakers can I run off a single stereo amplifier?

Usually we recommend you only run one pair of speakers, either 8 ohm or 4 ohm. For the safest multi pair installation, you could use a speaker switching box, like our SPS-140, to safely handle the load the speakers will present. Plus it will give you more control over which pairs are playing.

What does the "A" stand for at the end of the model name?

Auto-turn on. It means these amplifiers have 12V triggers that allow a preamp to activate them remotely. Some kind of triggering device is necessary for 12V activation.