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The new AVC-2500u Audio Video Controller is an elegant surround processor, dual-zone preamplifier, D to A converter, and tuner all wrapped up in one very neat, very convenient package. Everything about the AVC-2500u proclaims its preeminence in the world of home electronics. For starters, we teamed up with a group of remarkably gifted engineers. In fact, they're the same experts who Lucasfilm has hired to redesign and upgrade the electronics in THX theaters worldwide. We realize all that advanced technology is meaningful only when you can figure out how to use it. That's why our unique on-screen display gives you total access by balancing both breadth of control and ease of use. You can even customize each of the different sources, digital inputs, or even radio stations with names you make up yourself or select from its comprehensive library of names.

Download a Quick Start Connection Guide (PDF)
Our one page visual connection diagram showing the main factory default settings is designed to get you up and running fast!


  • Full 24-bit processing using three Motorola 56009 processors
  • Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Surround processing, and Home THX Ultra certification
  • Proprietary bass management eliminates smear and distortion
  • Independent dual zone control of audio and video systems
  • 100% automatic calibration of channel levels and delay times, including sub channel; calibration mic included
  • Composite-video, S-video, and Component-video switching
  • Automatic digital audio and video input selection
  • Digital inputs and surround modes are assignable to sources
  • Discrete analog line drive stages, four layer military-spec circuit boards
  • Intelligent on-screen display and backlit learning remote control
  • Reference quality FM/AM stereo tuner with 20 presets
  • External analog 5.1 inputs assure forward compatibility
  • 3 rack space height front panel


  • Frequency Response:
        front 10 Hz - 24 kHz; rear
        10 Hz - 24 kHz; center (small or THX) 80 Hz - 24 kHz; center (large)
        10 Hz - 24 kHz; subwoofer 10 Hz - 80 Hz
  • Harmonic Distortion:
        front <0.006%;
        center < 0.006%;
        rear < 0.005%;
        subwoofer < 0.006%
  • Input Impedance:
        all inputs 10 k Ω
        IM Distortion: <0.06 % all channels
  • S/N Ratio:
        flat/A-weighted: front 94 dB / 97 dB;
        center 94 dB / 97 dB;
        surround 78 dB/85 dB;
        subwoofer 88 dB/96 dB
  • Video Section:
        sensitivity 1 V +/- 0.5 dB;
        frequency response .3 MHz - 10 MHz +/- 1 dB;
        overload 2.5 V P-P
  • Tuning Range:
        FM: 87.5 -108 MHz;
        AM: 520-1610 kHz
  • Sensitivity:
        FM: mono: IHF 11 dBf;
        stereo: IHF 37 ÁV for 50 dB of quieting;
        AM: IHF 10 ÁV/m
  • S/N Ratio:
        > 74 dB Stereo;
       65 dB IHF-weighted
  • FM Stereo Separation:
        50 dB @ 1 kHz;
        40 db @ 10 kHz
  • Selectivity:
        FM: 80 dB; AM: 30 dB
  • FM Frequency Response:
        30 Hz - 15 kHz, +/- 1 dB
  • AM Frequency Response:
        20 Hz - 4.5 kHz, +/- 1 dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion:
        FM mono » 0.08%;
        FM stereo » 0.2%;
        AM < 0.5%
  • Capture Ratio:
        1 dB
  • AM Suppression:
        60 dB
  • Dimensions:
        w 171/4" x h 51/4" x d 13", h 57/8" with feet
  • Net Weight:
        16 lb.


  • Is it upgradeable?

    Yes. Due to the uncertainty with new formats and competing surround processes we have worked hard to make the AVC-2500 flexible. With a simple yet effective 5.1 analog input, the AVC-2500 is ready for different DVD or SACD music surround formats as well as a new movie surround format, if one should be marketed. Please remember the 5.1 analog inputs require an optional 5.1 VC volume control card to adjust volume with the main AVC-2500u volume knob. No Longer Available. There has been one software upgrade (UBM-2500) that offers more flexibility than the original bass management software did. The AVC-2500u includes this software already.

  • How many audio inputs does it have?


  • How many audio/video inputs does it have?


  • How many S-Video inputs does it have?

    Six. The AVC-2500 also has two monitor outputs, one with On Screen Display, and one without, and one record output.

  • Will it switch Component Video signals?

    Yes. The AVC-2500 has two component video inputs and one output. The inputs are easily assignable to any of the six audio/video inputs, and then memorized.

  • Will it switch Progressive Scan video signals?

    No, unfortunately, it will not. The video board does not have the bandwidth necessary to handle this type of video signal. We are, however looking into an update. We will post more information as soon as it becomes available.

  • How many digital inputs does it have, and what type?

    Eight. Four Coaxial, two Toslink, one AES/EBU (balanced), and one for our optional RFD-1 RF Demodulator.

  • Does it have digital outputs for recording digital signals?

    Yes, two. One Coaxial and one Toslink. And yes, the AVC-2500 format converts the digital inputs to either one of the above output formats. EX: Coaxial input Toslink output, for recording onto a MiniDisc recorder.

  • Does it have a learning remote, and what kind of remote is it? (Normal or LCD)

    Yes, the AVC-2500 comes with a learning remote similar to the Universal 8000/9000. It is a standard style remote with back lit, rubber buttons and eight pages of learning.

  • Does it process signals using 24 bit processors?

    Yes. The analog to digital (A/D), the digital to analog (D/A) and the surround processing (Motorola 56009s) are all done 24 bit. The chips chosen are performance matched to provide the very highest sound reproduction, with or without surround processing. D/A conversion has independent converters for each output channel.

  • How many surround modes does it have, and what are they?

    Cinema - use this mode to properly decode surround tracks for movies.
    Stereo - use this mode for musical sources, whether they be stereo, or 5.1 surround.
    Music - use this mode for adding surround ambiance to any musical source.
    Party - this mode down-mixes the incoming signal to two channel and then outputs the same left and right signal for the main speakers and for the two rear surround speakers with some center channel fill.
    Mono - for listening to mono sources.

  • Does the display dim?

    Yes, a button on the remote will dim the display and lights on the front panel by 50%.

  • Does it have a tuner?

    Yes, it has a high quality FM and AM tuner with 20 presets.

  • Is the AVC-2500 available without the tuner?

    No. There is only one configuration, with tuner.


    Ultra-wide bandwidth video board upgrade for component video switching of HDTV signals.
    Click here for more information.
    Remote Control for AVC-2500 / AVC-2500u
    RFD-1 - RF Demodulator
    For LaserDisc Player AC-3 Output
    For Use Only With Parasound AVC-2500 AVC-2500u

    5.1 VC Volume Control Card - No Longer Available
    Premium Volume Control for 5.1 Analog Input
    Option for AVC-2500u
    Requires UBM-2500 Bass Management Software
    5.1 VC Installation Instructions (pdf)

    UBM-2500 Bass Management Upgrade
    Selectable Crossover Points for High and Low Pass Filters
    Reinforced Bass Mode allows subwoofer to operate even if
    main speakers are set to "Large"
    Available for and Parasound AVC-2500
    AVC-2500 must be returned to Parasound for Installation