Meet Halo Integrated

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Year after year, Parasound Halo preamplifiers and power amplifiers have been rated the best high end audio for the money. Several years ago we challenged ourselves to create a no-compromise integrated amp that would match the performance of our Halo separates in every respect. We call it Halo Integrated.

A beast of an integrated amp with a feature set and build quality that surpass just about anything in its price class. - Sound Stage

Halo Integrated truly punches above its weight. Capable of powering everything from streaming DSD to demanding home theater, it's no wonder HINT has quickly become one of our most popular products. In fact, dealers have already reserved our next three production runs. We like that kind of endorsement. Get the details.

3 Distinct Product Lines

There are three Parasound product families: Halo, New Classic, and Z Custom.

Halo is our premier line. Halo products have a reputation for going head-to-head with some of the most expensive reference equipment on the market while costing a fraction of the price. The sheer quantity of rave reviews and honors is unmatched and without precedent. In fact, over half of all Halo products are Stereophile Recommended Components. See all Halo products.

NewClassic is a fresh interpretation of our classic designs that have earned Parasound rave reviews and customer allegiance for 30+ years. NewClassic models deliver maximum "bang for the buck" performance and reliability. See all New Classic products.

Z Custom is our line of ultra-compact components that delivers true high-end performance where space is tight. Equally comfortable on a desk or in a cabinet, the Z Custom series can fit wherever good sound is needed. See all Z Custom products.

Our Story

Parasound's mission is to put great sound into stunning packages, priced magnitudes lower than any competitor. The results have been clear: Parasound products have won best-in-class awards in the most popular audiophile publications year after year.

Our design and manufacturing partners have stayed to work with us for decades. We receive unsolicited appreciation emails from customers nearly every day. Every shipped product and answered phone call represents our commitment to outstanding performance, reliability, value, and customer support.

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