Halo Rack Mounting Kits

HRA2 Rack Mount kits for 2 rack space models: P 7, P 5, A 23, CD 1. JC 3+
HRA3 Rack Mount kits for 3 rack space models: Halo Integrated, JC 2 BP, JC 2, A 52
Rack Mount brackets for 4 rack space models are included: JC 1, A 21, A 31, A 51

Zonemaster Rack Mounting Kits

Rack mount brackets are included in the box with Models 1250 and 650.

Rack Mount Kit for Half width
ZoneMaster and Z Custom Products

Model ZRK

Hardware for mounting 2 half width ZoneMaster or Z Custom products side by side or a single product alone. Product Page | Support Documentation

New Classic Rack Mounting Kits

RMK11  Rack Mount kits for 1 rack space panels: 275 v.2 and 275  
RMK22  Rack Mount kits for 2 rack space panels:  2125 v.2, 2125, 2100
RMK33  Rack Mount kits for 3 rack space panels:  2250 v.2, 2250
RMK44  Rack Mount kits for 4 rack space panels: 5250 v.2, 5250