Home Theater Best Of 2013 Award (Dec. 2013)
"The Zdac is a true overachiever whose performance bests that of
much more expensive DACs."

AV Forums (Sept. 2013)
"This is a one of the most refined, controlled and above all, easy to
listen to DACís I have spent time with in quite a while."

Audio Fi (Sept. 2013)
"The options at this price range are plentiful but the Parasound Zdac
deserves a listen. With headphone amp bundled in, the Zdac dishes
out versatility and price bracket busting value."

Everything Audio (August 2013)
"The Parasound Zdac is a best buy D/A converter that offers
surprisingly good audio via its line outputs, considering its price."

Audio Express (July 2013)
"The Parasound Zdac is an excellent product. I think it has raised the bar for affordable digital-to-analog converters."

Home Theater Review (April 2013)
"Based on its overachieving performance, especially in its tonal richness/timbres and 3D imaging, the Zdac competes with DACs that are really priced around $3,000 to $5,000."

Hi-Fi Choice (April 2013)
"This proved to be an absolute delight with the Zdac reveling in the timbre, tone and texture, and dynamics of the guitars, percussion, brass and voices available to it. As with the classical track that preceded it, the entire presentation appeared utterly natural and rich in both musical and aesthetical terms."

Audio Stream (March 2013)
"The Zdac offers a muscular and concise-sounding presentation with a very nice amount of attention paid to pace and edge without being edgy. ...Again think concise and resolute with a very clear sense of attack and edge. A real toe tapper."

Inner Fidelity (March 2013)
"In summary, the Zdac looks, feels, and sounds like it could be a $1000 unit. It certainly didn't feel out of place in my rack with numerous competitors in that range."

David Susilo Uncensored (March 2013)
"All I can say is that if you claim to be an audiophile, you will want to hear everything as it is recorded in the studio. I can tell you for a fact that the Parasound ZDAC is the only DAC that is brutally honest and faithfully reproduce anything you put into it without adding any sweeteners or sonic enhancement for less than $500."