Luister (Netherlands), November 2003

Stereo (Germany), July 2003
"...darf sich hervorragender Empfangsleistungen rühmen..." - Holger Barske

"...may boast about excellent reception achievements..." - Holger Barske, December 2002
"It consistently performed at a higher level than my reference tuner..." "I also found the T 3's soundstage to open up a bit more and provide imaging that I had not previously heard through my reference tuner." - Brian Kahn

Playboy, December 2002
Playboy's Christmas Gift Guide, featured item: "If you've got it, spend it"

Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, August 2002
"Every time I heard a song on this radio that I also happened to have in my CD collection, I would quickly put in the CD and listen to the song again for comparison. In every case, I found that this unit had no deficiency." "This unit is able to clearly pull in stations that I cannot hear well on other radios." "If you are looking for a top notch separate tuner for your system, this is it." - Tod DeBie
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