HomeTheaterReview.com, December 2010
In the pantheon of audiophile electronics, Parasound stands among those at the top with its storied history, vast product range and legendary performance. The Halo P3 stereo preamplifier is no exception, providing solid performance and features, coupled with tremendous value ($799 retail), which is what Parasound has been all about for years. The P3 is as attractive as they come, having a sleek aluminum fašade with pale blue glowing manual controls. The P3 is solidly built. Its ease of use and day-to-day livability is unique among audiophile components in that you actually want to interact with and use the P3. The front of the P3 features hard buttons for source, tone and balance, as well as volume. The P3 has a crystal clear fluorescent display that shows your source's volume in mono mode, i.e., right and left channels, and can be read easily from across a listening room.

Good Sound, December 2004
"The P 3's rear panel is an example of the careful design of which Parasound should be proud. Everything is neatly and logically arranged." "The addition of not only a phono preamp but the ability to turn it on or off puts the P 3 at the head of the pack at its price." "My son began dancing while I played this CD through the Parasound combo (P 3/A 23) - they passed the toe-tapping test with flying colors." "Parasound's Halo P 3 preamplifier and Halo A 23 power amplifier are sexy in appearance, easy to use, and sound solid and satisfying." "Good value and good sound: a winning combination!" - Eric Hetherington

Fidelity (Norway), June 2004

Newsday.com, March 2004
"Smooth and vibrant are the adjectives that characterize the Halo approach to music." - Stephen Williams

Luister (Netherlands), November 2003

Futurelooks, November 2003
"It was amazing to hear what I had been missing." "The HALO system makes movies sound real. The sounds sound real. So real in fact, you'll find yourself doing a double take." "The sound of the ocean breeze, and the waves hitting the rocks and rolling onto the shore was so realistic, I started imagining a Corona in my hand." "Although there are only two speakers attached to this system(P 3/A 23), the three dimensional imaging produced by this system is really outstanding." "Absolutely the best bang for the buck that money can buy." Editor's Choice - Stephen Fung

Stereo (Germany), July 2003
"...darf sich hervorragender Empfangsleistungen rühmen..." - Holger Barske

"...may boast about excellent reception achievements..." - Holger Barske

Audiophile.no (Nowary), July 2003

The Absolute Sound, June 2003
Featured component in Annual Recommended Systems article.

Stereo Times, April 2003
"I did some listening after a brief warm-up period and I'd have to say, any audiophile on a budget could well start and stop their search right here." "The first thing that struck me was an uncanny sense of naturalness from the treble down through the bass." - Greg Petan

Playboy, December 2002
Playboy's Christmas Gift Guide, featured item: "If you've got it, spend it"

Audiorevolution.com, December 2002
"...the P 3/A 23 system was more than up to the task when it came to reproducing intimate recordings." "For the price, you would be hard-pressed to find a system with better build quality and aesthetics. This system is major league, at a minor league price." - Brian Kahn

The Absolute Sound, November 2002
"I had intended to listen for just a minute or two before letting the components warm up together. I was still in my chair 45 minutes later." "You'll have to spend more money to get better performance, in many cases a lot more. This Halo P 3/A 23 combo is the kind of system that should be celebrated as an invitation to participate in high-end audio as a hobby." - Shane Buettner

T3 (UK), November 2002
"Indeed, the £1,500 package price (A 23/P 3) would be a snip if it was for the P 3 preamp alone." "...Parasounds hit the spot at a remarkable price." - David Vivian

Hi-Fi Choice (UK), November 2002
"...the Halo kit (P 3/A 23) stands out like a Ferrari amid a car park full of Vauxhalls. It's sleek, solid and stylish..." "Beautifully built with even-handed, natural sound. Deep sound stage and bolted-down stereo image." "Looks like high-end electronics, sounds like high-end electronics, priced like mid-fi." - Alan Sircom

Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, October 2002
"..I enjoyed my experience so much I stayed up till 2 am listening." "Parasound hit the nail on the head with the P 3." "To find a stereo preamp with the same features that will outperform the P 3 by any significant amount you are going to end up paying 2 or 3 times the cost, and you will still be short a few features." - Sandy Bird

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