JC 3 Class A Recommended in the April, 2012 Stereophile.

The average price of Stereophile’s Class A phono preamps is $7,114.
The JC 3 price is 67% below that average.

A few highlights:

  • "Construction quality is first-rate, top-shelf parts are used throughout, and the stout, heavy chassis is beautifully finished."
  • "The JC 3 combined superb musical grip and control with a timbrally and texturally ideal midrange."
  • "The JC 3 represents the best current value in a phono preamp that I know of." (Michael Fremer)
  • "If your tastes run to purity, clarity, neutrality, and detail, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better phono stage for anywhere near $2350."
  • "JA noted superb measured performance."

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