Home Vision (Germany), October 2004
"Der C 2 von Parasound ist ein extrem flexibler und gut ausgestatteter Audio-Video-Controller mit guten Messwerten. Insgesamt aus messtechnischer Sicht ein gut gelungenes Gerät mit sauberen Werten in allen Disziplinen."

"The C 2 from Parasound is an extremely flexible and well equipped Audio-Video Controller with good technical specifications. In total, looking at it from a specifications point of view, a very nice unit with clean properties in all disciplines." - Anselm Goertz

AudioVision (Germany), September 2004
"During listening, the set (C 2, A 52) showed muscles -but also a sense for fine details and apparent dimensionality." "The set organized the sound well, and never left any doubt of where the voices or music instruments were coming from." "Even in the biggest 'encounters' the Parasound never lost imaging, and even the strongest explosions or deepest bass attacks of a kind like 'Star Trek' could not distress them at all." "With this combination the Parasound development engineers have proven again a first class job." 93 - Michael Nothnagel

Home Theater, September 2004
What's the one piece of gear currently in your system that you can't live without? "Parasound's Halo processor allows the signal to pass through virtually unfettered: The highs are sweet and clear, without sounding etched; the mids are full and rich, giving body and weight to midrange spectra; and bass is crisp and tight. The Halo has improved the manner in which I evaluate other gear; it's indispensable for its neutrality." - Jerry Kindella, Contributor

Audio & Video Lifestyle (Australia), August 2004
"This combo (C 2 and A 52) has to be the outright best looking gear I have had in my home theatre system." "In set-up, this sophisticated piece of equipment was quite easy." "...the sound came through like candy to the ears." "The Parasound duo produced highs that had a remarkable degree of detail." "It had a smoothness that helped create a sense of space and poise that was remarked upon by all who heard the combo." "Midrange performance was detailed and neutral. Male and female voice, violins and cellos were never harsh (as you would not forgive at this price point), but were reproduced with the most natural realism that I have heard from my home theatre."
Performance = Five Stars (Perfection), Build Quality = Five Stars (Perfection) - Gavin Womersley

Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, August 2004
"This is a very flexible processor that sounds great and can be configured with ease." "The AKM DACs, Burr-Brown op-amps, and Motorola processor are all top notch and are implemented in such a way to provide excellent sound quality and functionality." "Overall, thumbs up for the Halo C 2 with its simple set-up process, excellent flexibility, cool styling, and high-performance audio quality." - Sandy Bird

Diapason (France), May 2004

Audioholics, April 2004
"Installing the Halos (C 1 and C 2) proved to be extremely easy as the ergonomic back panel was effortless to work with and follow." "In stereo mode the Halos were able to present tremendous detail and imaging without sounding mechanical." "I positioned the extra channel speakers in along the wall of each side of the room, about mid-way, and facing the center of the room. My thought was to try and emulate the speakers along the side wall of a movie theater. When doing so, I must admit that I was astonished to hear how these speakers really added to the movie experience." "Parasound created two wonders with their design of the Halo C 1 and C 2." - Steve DellaSala

AV Guide Monthly, March 2004
"...a controller that is hard to outgrow, and whose motto could well be "Flexibility-R-Us." "Unlike controllers or AVR's whose main objective is to keep up with the 'alphabet soup du jour' of emerging surround sound formats, the C 2 unequivocally puts sound and image quality first." "I wanted something considerably better, and the Halo electronics provided it, letting me hear soundtracks with higher resolution, more focus, more believable dynamics, and better channel-to-channel integration than I've heard from most home theater systems." - Chris Martens

Home Cinema Choice (UK), March 2004
"Flexibility is the name of the game with this unit..." "...the Halo C 2 generates believable, large scale images, and progressive, well-focused steering using 5.1 and 7.1 speaker arrays." "A first class system, the Halo combination as tested is prodigiously flexible, and appears to have an answer to planned obsolescence that is only matched by more costly solutions..." "...a superb package (C 2, A 52, A 23), whose power and majesty can only be hinted at on the printed page, and tremendous material value for money too. Audition with urgency." 4 1/2 Stars - Alvin Gold

Stereophile Guide to Home Theater, March 2004
AAA Recommended Component - "...a brilliantly executed piece of technology, superficially simple and deeply complex, that lends itself with equal grace to the naive movie fan, jaded audiophile, or veteran home theater enthusiast."

Home Theater, February 2004
Featured component in premiere article of the quarterly Hook Me Up feature. "...plenty of sonic performance to make the C 2 one of the better values you'll find anywhere in the high-end realm." "The Parasound's automatic system for setting relative speaker level and distance using a supplied microphone is among the best systems of this nature that I've used. Even if you do these settings manually, the Parasound's onscreen menu and remote make it quick, easy work." - Chris Lewis

Opera International (France), February 2004
"Que vous restiez fidèles à la stéréo ou que vous désiriez tenter une incursion dans le monde du son multicanal, cet ensemble Parasound constitue pour nous l'électronique ultime, la meilleure que nous connaissions aujourd'hui. Tout simplement. Si la perfection était de ce monde, nous dirions qu'elle est tout simplement parfaite, d'autant qu'elle ne nécessite pas un long apprentissage pour profiter de ses charmes."

"Whether you want to stick to traditional stereo or want to go multi-channel, this Parasound combo (C 2/A 52) seems to us the best we know of today. Quite simply, if perfection ever existed, we would say this is it, in as much as it does not require a 'steep learning curve' to get the most out of its charms." -Ghislain Prugnard

What Hi-Fi (Russia), January 2004

"Now about sound, it is powerful, well balanced and not deformed on the dynamic range edges. Run any action movie - and you will get real movie sound that always involves you in the action. This set extracts information from a soundtrack with such absolute precision that it surprises. The reality of sound sometimes seems unbelievable - Ian Holm's voice in 'Fifth Element' is just amazing. Verdict: very expensive but excellent set possessing perfect sound and extraordinary relish."

Home Theater Buyers Guide, 2004
Featured component in Stepping Up Your System article. "Sky is the limit" system.

EISA Award, 2003- 2004
Nominee for Home Theater European Imaging and Sound Association Award

Essential Home Cinema (UK), December 2003
"Our assumption was that the C 2/A 52 combination would put on an excellent show, and we weren't disappointed." "The surrounds were hitting every level with glorious attention to detail and no background noise to distract from a broad, accurate performance that enveloped the room without pushing too hard." "Outstanding. If you've got money and a taste for the sublime this amp/processor combination will deliver the crystal, pinpoint, pounding audio performance you deserve." Five Stars Editor's Choice - Ian Collen

Diapason (France), November 2003
Diapason D'OR Award
"En écoutant nos SACD de référence , nous avons été saisis par le délié, le naturel de cette électronique d'exception.....on approche l'idéal sonore."

"While we were listening to our reference SACD, we were flabbergasted by the articulation and naturalness of these truly exceptional components (C 2/A 52), we are heading for an ideal sound."

Stereophile Guide to Home Theater, October 2003
"I was prepared for the C 2 to sound good - but not as good as it did, which was superb." "...the Parasound Halo C 2 is a wonderful piece. It's gorgeously designed, marvelously versatile, and it sounded fantastic. It's intended to satisfy both the fussy audiophile and the home-theater fanatic - an almost impossible task, but one that Parasound can be proud of achieving. Even after three months with it, I was still discovering new tricks it could do. And, like every Parasound product I've ever encountered, it's rock-solid and totally reliable." "The C 2 is future-forward in every aspect and should find its place as the heart of many a high-performance home theater system." - Barry Willis

Heimkino (Germany), October 2003"...auch das Impulsverhalten des C 2 war fabelhaft..." "mit dem lang ersehnten C 2 präsentiert Parasound eine AV-Vorstufe, die hinsichtlich Ausstattung und Bedienkomfort Maßstäbe setzt..." 1+ Referenzklasse - Uwe Schlink

"...also the conduct of the impulse of C 2 was marvellous..." "with the long-desired C 2, Parasound is presenting an AV input stage that sets the standards for equipment and comfort in control..." reference-class A+ - Uwe Schlink

HiFi News (UK), August 2003
"...if you're one of those who prefers not to delve into the bowels of your processor settings, the excellence and ease of the Parasound setup should provide welcome relief." "...the Parasound offered a thoroughly enveloping movie experience." "I enjoyed my time with it to the degree that I didn't want to return it." - Jonathan Gorse

DVD Etc., May 2003
"The fit, finish and build quality of the Parasound Halo C 2 processor is beyond reproach." "I find the aesthetics to be among the best available." "I found it overall one of the easiest setup menus I have used." "The C 2 package with its sonic performance, automatic calibration, complete feature set, excellent remote, programmability, beautiful aesthetics, and hardware/software upgradeability is quite possibly the most complete processor package in the $4,000 arena (one that is extremely competitive at this time), and rightly takes its place at the head of the pack." Rating 97 - Manoj Motwani, M.D.

HomeTheaterReview.com, April 2003
Parasound is one of those companies that has been steadily churning out products that have provided intelligent engineering and great value for the money for the better part of two decades. Richard Schram, the owner, enlisted the help of renowned audio engineer John Curl a decade ago to help with the design of Parasound's amplifiers. This has resulted in a series of well-received amplifiers that also scored well on the value front.

Fidelity (Norway), March 2003


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