Sound & Vision, November 2004
"The Halo C 1 displays an extraordinary attention to detail..." "...if you want to roll your own high-end home theater system without outside assistance, the C 1 might be your best bet." "It deserves consideration for a large home theater by virtue of those programmable outputs, which have the potential to produce a sonic experience most other equipment of any kind." "These programmable auxiliary outputs might be just the thing for a really big listening room with more than just six satellites and one subwoofer available." - David Ranada

Home Cinema Choice (UK), October 2004
"The processor offers enveloping surround sound processing, and the power amplifier (A 51) is muscular." "It avoids the edgy, electrical patina of some processors I've heard, and has a warmth, scale and liveliness which provide their own rewards." "The Halo C 1's processor's TFT screen is a blessing... "Five Stars - Alvin Gold

Home Theater, September 2004
What's the one piece of gear currently in your system that you can't live without? "Parasound's Halo processor allows the signal to pass through virtually unfettered: The highs are sweet and clear, without sounding etched; the mids are full and rich, giving body and weight to midrange spectra; and bass is crisp and tight. The Halo has improved the manner in which I evaluate other gear; it's indispensable for its neutrality." - Jerry Kindella, Contributor

Audio (Poland), August 2004
"The C 1 and A 52 is the most powerful control and amplification center for Home Theater you can ever imagine for this price." "The transparency of the sound, its precision is outstanding." "The C 1 capabilities are hard to describe, because there are so many things you can control and it is so easy that even non-professionals can easily configure your home theater system." "In summary, we can say that it is very hard to imagine any competitive devices with the same outstanding capabilities and sound reproduction." - Wojciech Pacula

Home Entertainment and Design, May 2004
Featured component in Surround Sound on Steroids article. "With its automatic setup capability, its professional-style BNC video connections and XLR audio connections, and its front LCD screen, Parasound's Halo C 1 must be considered a state-of-the-art surround-sound processor." "The vessel that takes me where few home theater fans have gone before is Parasound Products' Halo C 1 surround-sound preamp/processor." "The music fills my room like never before. It's enveloping, addictive." "...Parasound's C 1 surround-sound processor can give you a taste of what lies beyond 7.1." - Brent Butterworth

Audioholics, April 2004
"Installing the Halos (C 1 and C 2) proved to be extremely easy as the ergonomic back panel was effortless to work with and follow." "In stereo mode the Halos were able to present tremendous detail and imaging without sounding mechanical." "I positioned the extra channel speakers in along the wall of each side of the room, about mid-way, and facing the center of the room. My thought was to try and emulate the speakers along the side wall of a movie theater. When doing so, I must admit that I was astonished to hear how these speakers really added to the movie experience." "Parasound created two wonders with their design of the Halo C 1 and C 2." - Steve DellaSala

Revue Du Son Du Home Cinema (France), March 2004
"Le filtrage LC de l'alimentation numérique SMPS, assez rare du fait de son coût et de la place qu'il prend, est incontestablement supérieur en terme de bruit; le mode différentiel des circuits, l'intelligence avec laquelle sont réparties les fonctions entre numérique et analogique pour tirer le meilleur parti des deux, le souci constant de l'optimisation du trajet du signal comme celui du traitement et de la programmation personnalisée font du C 1 un préamplificateur unique qui sait rester logique et simple d'utilisation malgré ses capacités quasi-insaturables! Voilà bien un maillon qui a a définitivement les pieds dans le vingt et unième siècle à la croisée entre l'informatique, l'audio et la vidé va falloir s'y faire car ce n'est qu'un début! A conseiller sans réserve."

"The SMPS digital power supply LC filtering, rare enough because of its cost and the room it takes, is way far superior in terms of noise level, differential circuit modes, and a clever way of sharing the digital/analog domains permitting the most out of them both; constant care given to the signal path/processing/customizing makes the C 1 a unique preamp/processor capable of staying consistent and user-friendly, despite its virtually limitless capabilities. Here we have a product definitely treading into the 21st century, at the crossroads of computing, audio and video, and we will have to cope with this because it's only the beginning! Recommended without any reservation." 5 Stars Recommended - Jean Hiraga

Video (Germany), January 2004
"Mit souveräner Kraft und perfekter Harmonie führt die edle Vor-/Endstufen-Kombi von Parasound direkt ins akustische Nirvana."

"With precise force and perfect harmony the noble preamp/amplifier combination from Parasound takes you directly to acoustic Nirvana." - Jürgen Schröder

FAZ (Germany), December 2003
" Stereobetrieb glänzte die Anlage mit einer sauberen räumlichen Abbildung..." "...Parasound ist für Produkte mit exzellentem Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis bekannt..." - Michael Spehr

"In Stereo operation, the system shines with clear, full reproduction..." "...Parasound is known for products with an excellent price-performance ratio..." - Michael Spehr

Image Home Entertainment (Germany), November 2003
"...als echtes Überraschungspaket muss übrigens die Fünfkanal-Endstufe gleten: Sie begeistert mit durchweg audiophiler Klangqualität, gepaart mit unerbittlicher Power..." "...läutet der Parasound C 1 eine ganz neue Generation von AV-Controllern ein..." "...Feinheiten im Setup zeugen von Liebe zum Detail und enormer Surround-Erfahrung..." "...Fazit: Hier waren zweifellos Könner am Werk..." "...das Teamwork mit der A 51 befördert den C 1 in die klanglich erste Riege..." "...der vom legendären Audio-Enwickler John Curl gezeichneten Endstufe..." "...diese eng beschriebene Dokument ist perfekt gemacht, leicht verständlich, liefert obendrein jede Menge Hintergrunderklärungen, beschreibt das Gerät absolute vollständig und kann sogar mit Internet-Hinweisen, Stichwortverzeichnis sowie ausführlichen Grafiken aufwarten. Kompliment!" - Roland Kraft

"...the output stage with 5 channels must be considered as a real surprise-package: it enthuses with audiophile sound-quality without exception, joined by inexorable power..." "... the Parasound C 1 rings in a totally new generation of AV controllers..." "...refinements in the setup show the love for details and an enormous know-how for surround..." " sum it up: here doubtlessly experts were at work..." "... the teamwork with the A 51 promotes the C 1 to the A-grade squad in sound..." "... the output stage, drawn by legendary audio-developer John Curl..." "... this document in narrow letters is made perfectly, easy to understand, supplies furthermore a lot of background information, describes the set absolutely utterly and even offers internet-links, index and ample graphics. Congratulations!" - Roland Kraft

Widescreen Review, September 2003
"The C 1 had a characteristically open, detailed presence, yet also sounded smooth and well balanced, even at high sound pressure levels. For this reason, I found the experience of a wide range of soundtracks in terms of sonic energy really delightful with the C 1." "...this combination of superb performance and functionality makes the C 1 one of the true forefront players in the competitive surround processor market. Its $6,000 price tag should actually seem modest, once you have had the opportunity to listen to and appreciate its many offerings, and knowing the fact that a lot of what it offers is simply missing from their competitors." - Perry Sun

T 3 (UK), September 2003
"Once all the setting-up donkey work's been done, using the C 1/A 51 is a breeze, either via the main, menu driven remote or the much smaller and simpler 'sidekick' handset, which has buttons only for everyday functions." "Its high price pitches it against formidable opposition, but the C 1/A 51 pairing more than holds its own, with a combination of massive power, killer dynamics, fine transparency and user flexibility." T 3 Five Star Gold Award - David Vivian

AudioVision (Germany), August 2003
"Parasound hat mit der Kombination C 1/A 51 eine echte Alternative zu den Boliden von Lexicon und Tag McLaren geschaffen..." "Insgesamt also eine fantastische Vorstellun." - Michael Nothnagel

Hi-Fi Choice (UK), July 2003
"...big-hearted but never aggressive in its delivery and a perfect solution for that big-screen home cinema experience." "...the Parasound duet (C 1/A 51) allows the most substantial loudspeakers to melt from the scene." " assured that the performance of the C 1 and A 51 is as flexible and impressive as you could hope for." Editor's Choice - Paul Miller

Son & Image (Canada), June 2003

Stuff (Russia), June 2003

"C 1 With it's countless functions it will easily cope with professional studios and elite home theaters, defying untapped resources. Audiophiles think that $7200 (Russian) for future confidence is rather decent: there are devices much more expensive, but also there are few much cheaper. One might ask how, except for number of sockets, the splendid C 1 differs from a ‘popular' receiver of $200. A lot: decoding quality and amazingly low noise, encyclopedic formats knowledge and programming ability, phenomenal reliability and stamina. If this is not enough, ask George Lucas whose (Parasound) components have helped him to create two ‘Star Wars' episodes?" 5 Stars - Dmitry Lysak

Home Theater, May 2003
"If you're in the pre/pro market in the mid to upper price range, there's no question that the C 1 belongs on your absolutely shortest list." "It would be a serious understatement to call this unit fully featured. It's loaded with conventional features and offers plenty of rare and unique tricks..." " and movie performance are superb, it has just about every feature and function you can imagine, and yet it retains a clear sense of user friendliness." - Chris Lewis

Alta Fedelta Digitale (Italy), April 2003
"From the first notes we heard, the sonic performance was absolutely perfect, especially using a CD." "Timing was perfect, with quality sound that is neutral and balanced. Excellent!" "The decoding motherborad is a magnificent piece of equipment." "In terms of features, nothing whatsoever is missed." - Roberto Pezzali

c't Kino Daheim - special (Germany), April 2003
"Ein nochmals souveräneres, präziseres Klangbild mit unglaublichem Bass und fantastischer Räumlichkeit" - Ulrich von Löhneysen

"And once again more sovereign (confident), more exact sound characteristic, with unbelievable bass and fantastic accommodation" - Ulrich von Löhneysen

What Hi-Fi (Russia), April 2003

"All sounds - from leaves rustling and rain, to rifles and a train's roar - are reproduced very plausibly, without any tint or digital "dirt" from compressed audio formats such as Dolby Digital. Soundtracks sound excellent, regardless of genre. Voices of actors, their emotions - all sound very plausible, giving true pleasure to any film fan. Special sound effects so loved by mystery and thriller creators are magnificent. During ‘The Call' the viewer remains literally chained to the armchair. Creaks, leaves rustling, steps - all so realistic that it forces even people with nerves of steel to shudder. In a word, an outstanding set. Listen to it - you will not regret."

The Chicago Athenaeum, 2003
Good Design Award
A prestigious award from The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design for excellence in International Industrial Design.


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