Inside the USA
Parasound products may be serviced by Parasound's technical department in San Francisco. If your unit needs to be returned to Parasound for service we will give you a return authorization (RA) number with specific shipping instructions.

It is not necessary to ship the unit to Parasound if there is a local service center that is more convenient for you. Parasound-authorized independent service centers around the USA are listed here:
Authorized Parasound Service Centers

How to contact Parasound for service
Parasound's San Francisco Technical Department is open 8am - 4pm Pacific Time.
USA (including Canada): 415-397-7100

Outside the USA
Please see our export distributor list for contact information for repairs or inquire to service@parasound.com

Warranty Eligibility
Please note our warranty varies by region and has changed over the years.
To find the warranty terms that were in effect at the date you purchased the unit please click here.

Before You Return Any Unit to Parasound for Service
Before you send your unit to Parasound, you will need to obtain a specific Return Authorization (RA) number and shipping instructions from Parasoundís Technical Department. The RA number must be clearly marked on the outer carton. Use the original factory packing materials and arrange adequate insurance to cover its value. You must include a copy of your purchase receipt, since this document establishes the validity of this unitís warranty. Warranty repairs are only performed by Parasound or Parasound Authorized warranty centers when your purchase receipt is from a Parasound Authorized Dealer or Parasound Authorized Reseller.

The Parasound warranty is not transferable and is valid only for the original purchaser unless otherwise dictated by local law.

Units Will Be Refused by Parasound Under the Following Conditions:
1. Unit was sent without the Parasound-assigned RA number marked on the carton.
2. Unit was sent in an unsuitable shipping carton, likely to have been damaged in transit.
3. Unit has inadequate packing, unit likely to have been damaged in transit.
4. Unit was shipped collect for shipping charges. We do not accept collect shipments.
5. Unit was shipped via the US Postal Service.
6. Unit was sent to an address other than the address instructed by our Technical Department.

Warranty Repair
Read your accompanying Parasound Limited Warranty carefully to understand the applicable rights and limitations. This section provides instructions for obtaining repairs, both for units covered under the Parasound Limited Warranty and for units or situations which are outside the Warranty.
Unit is not eligible for repair under the terms of the Parasound warranty if:
1. Unit was not purchased from a Parasound Authorized Dealer.
2. You are not the original owner. The Parasound warranty is not transferable.
3. Unitís serial number was removed, modified, or defaced.
4. Unit shows evidence of abuse and/or misuse.
5. Unit was modified in any way.
6. A prior repair was attempted by an unauthorized repair station.