Install Accessories
Halo models are as functional as they are beautiful. Their appearance is not diminished in the least by mounting them in a standard equipment rack. Halo rack mount kits are not simply “rack ears” that extend the front panels. They are fabricated of heavy gauge steel and provide full support of the chassis. They are also color coordinated with the Halo products to blend perfectly.

HRA2 Rack Adaptor kits are for our models with 2 rack space front panels: P 7, P 5, A 23 , CD 1 and JC 3+

HRA3 Rack Adaptor kits are for our models with 3 rack space front panels: Halo Integrated, JC 2 BP, JC 2, A 52

Our 4 rack space power amplifiers come with their own rack mounting hardware: JC 1, A 21, A 31 and A 51

NewClassic Rack Mount Kits

Each NewClassic model is designed for easy, secure rack mounting in a standard EIA equipment rack. Each model's front panel height conforms to the EIA standard size for rack mounting and removing the four feet from the bottom side takes less than a minute and requires only a phillips-head screwdriver.
NewClassic rack mount kits include heavy gauge steel mounting brackets that bolt to the sides of each unit's chassis.

Each rack mount kit also includes eight insulated shoulder washers, to isolate the brackets and rack bolts from the rails of the rack. We provide these for your convenience because we know that audible hum is a common problem that results from ground loops when various units' chassis make metal-metal contact through the equipment rack.
     RMK11  1 rack space  for Model 275 v.2 and 275  
     RMK22  2 rack spaces  for Models 2125 v.2, 2125, and 2100
     RMK33  3 rack spaces  for Model 2250 v.2 and 2250
     RMK44  4 rack spaces  for Model 5250 v.2 (amp is discontinued)

Rack Drawers

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Mid-Atlantic Custom Rackshelves are also available.

Models with non-rack mount panels can also be rack mounted quickly and conveniently in 1U rack shelves, also called rack trays. A typical rack shelf is shown below, with and without Z products.


Rack shelves are available from many of the popular makers of equipment racks.

Rack mounting Z products with rack mount panels:

Parasound Z panels are half rack width and two Parasound Z models can be mounted side-by-side.

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Panels joined with SBS coupler

SBS is the coupling plate that joins two Z front panels together.
Zblank is a Z black panel alone. The Zblank includes an SBS coupler.