IR Codes     2.82 KB     05/16/2005

Control Updates

IR Codes
This file is for users who have a Phillips Pronto or compatible touch screen remote. Loading this file into your Pronto remote allows for full control of your Parasound Model 7100 processor.

7100 Setup     544 KB     05/16/2005

Software Updates

Model 7100 Setup Software

This software enables Parasound Model 7100 users to configure the unitís setup via a PC and the RS-232 port (Apple computers not supported). Download and run the self-extracting file "7100SetupInstall.exe". After running (by double clicking) the file you will be guided through the installation procedure. Since this is an exe file, your PCís Anti-Virus software or Install Shields may interfere with its download and/or installation. You may want to temporarily turn off your virus protection.

Once installed, run the setup software called "7100 Setup". The first thing to do is to pick the correct COM port from the "File" then "Options" pull down menu. Now download your settings from your controller to the computer (see "Operations" pull down menu). You can now save your settings and make changes to your setup. Send the new setup configuration to your controller by selecting upload from the "operations" pull down menu. Your controller MUST be placed in the standby position before downloading. For the changes to take effect you must turn your 7100 controller off with the AC Power switch on its rear panel, then turn it back on again.

For further assistance, please contact Parasound technical support, at 415 675-7272, or send an e-mail to